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Mamunoor RashidMD, Welcome Group
Director and Advisor, Western EduCare International
Former Immigration Adviser, SAJ International(2005-11)
Ex-Immigration Consultant, SSBCL(2001-05)

Message from MD

Immigration is the door for open world. It is a Government procedure. It is simultaneously important for both the first and the third world the way to blend expertise, knowledge, skill, money and thinking. People should realize first, the need to apply for immigration and which immigration process is right for him. Then he should conscious about the total procedure. It is also important to choose the right path to apply for. Once take the decision he then need to prepare and follow the whole system. In this journey if one need proper guidance it is strongly recommended to find the correct firm or people who is really fit to serve the purpose. The way to find the right person one need to consider him or the firm; knowledge about current immigration system, their achievement, dedication for duties and most of the cases his connection with the applicant. The firm with these criteria and the applicant together can make the dream true and all these features make a firm genuine; this is actually our believe.